Our Reading Resolutions for 2017

Happy New Year!

The holidays are over (whew), and a new year has begun.
And in case you missed our January newsletter: We’re starting fresh, so we’ve made some reading resolutions for 2017!

A new year is so full of promise. A new you, a new lifestyle, new healthy habits. Or how about some new and improved reading habits? Inspired by the board in front of Inkwood Books’ New Jersey store, we decided to come up with some reading resolutions of our own!

We’re ready for you, 2017
Our team’s reading resolutions:


Melissa Greenberg, Children’s Art Director: a) To read a non-children’s book cover to cover? Ha.
b) To read a book in French and a book in Spanish.
c) To make bread from the Tartine book, does that count?
d) To find a modern favorite.
e) To read all of my coworkers favorite books.
f)  To read all of my closest friends’ favorite books.
g) a, c, and e.
h) a.
Amy Novesky, Children’s Book Editor: To read all of the books on my bedside table.
Suzi Hutsell, Senior Designer: Reading resolutions?!
– Read books by a wide variety of authors of different genders, races, sexual orientations, ages, etc., to gain a larger perspective of the world.
– Read the book before seeing the movie, since the book is usually much better.
– Mostly, read, read, read…anything and everything I can get my hands on!
Amy Wheless, Designer: To go to bed earlier so I have more time to read!
Jan Hughes, Managing Editor: I have joined a book club, so it will force me to read other people’s suggestions—which is good!
Nina Gruener, Children’s Publisher: My reading resolution is to read Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Wood aloud to my children. My mom read it to us as kids and I was enthralled. My oldest is turning TEN next month, and I can feel our read-aloud years slipping away. Make it stop!!
Chris Gruener, Publisher: To read two books a month; a healthy mix of fiction and nonfiction.
Rob Dolgaard, Junior Designer: I’m going to set the bar low and only go for one book this year. It’s been on my list to read for about four years now. The book is called A Crack-Up at the Race Riots by Harmony Korine. He directed the movies Gummo and Spring Breakers, to name a couple.
Emma Kallok, Marketing & Publicity Manager: To read at least one chapter a night before falling asleep. This used to be no problem, but now it seems like a huge feat.
Iain Morris, Creative Director: To read the complete set of Trollop’s The Barchester Chronicles, which is sitting on my shelf and is a bequest from my uncle Quentin.

Did you make any reading resolutions of your own? We’d love to hear them!

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