Books for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is only two short weeks away! Still in need of a gift? Whether you’re shopping for a beer aficionado or a history buff, we’ve come up with a few titles Dad is sure to love:



Misfits, Merchants & Mayhem: Tales from San Francisco’s Historic Waterfront, 1849-1934

Lee Bruno weaves a fascinating, true tale of the historic San Francisco waterfront. From the Gold Rush to the Jazz Age, Bruno’s book celebrates the famous (and infamous) characters and events that shaped the city we know today.



The Great Chicken Escape

 This near-wordless romp features the artwork of cut-paper artist Nikki McClure, and tells the story of an audacious flock of chickens who set off on a great adventure. (At least until it’s time to return home to roost!)


Smarty Marty’s Got Game

Over the course of an afternoon at a baseball game, older sister Marty teaches younger brother Mikey the ins and outs of the sport, and passes along her love for the game.



The Northern California Craft Beer Guide

Part history of beer, part roadmap to Northern California’s exciting beer scene, this fun guide provides the perfect inspiration for finding new, local beers and exploring our region’s booming beer culture.


Brew it Yourself: Make Your Own Wine, Beer, Cider & Other Concoctions

The Two Thirsty Gardeners bring you 75 home brewing recipes for beer, cider, mead, liqueurs, and more. Filled with mouth-watering photographs and simple-yet-creative cocktails, this guide will turn you into the toast of your next get-together or dinner party.



50 Main Street: The Face of America

Travelling tens of thousands of miles across the United States, Piero Ribelli set out to find the similarities and differences between Main Streets in towns all over the country. Interested in observing the one constant in an era where the country has become increasingly divided, 50 Main Street shares photos and stories that highlight our common experiences and dreams.


Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey Through America’s National Parks

In a journey spanning more than 20 years and 300 visits, Luong focused his lenses on iconic landscapes and remote spots, creating a sumptuous gallery of more than 400 breathtaking images. Accompanying the gallery is a guide that includes a map for each park, showing where the shots were taken and providing anecdotes and natural history.



The Drinking Man’s Diet: 50th Anniversary Edition

 A cheeky approach to staying svelte while still enjoying the finer things in life, The Drinking Man’s Diet is a charming reminder to keep health and hedonism in harmony.

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