Books that need to be books

What does this mean? To us there is a place in today’s digital media-driven culture for the printed word and the print design that goes with it. We seek out those books that need to be held, and appreciated for their tangible value. The books that call to us to be just that, books.

  • Hi, I have produced this draft of book about this artist who passed away 3 years ago. I need some advice on how to proceed and print it. It is made in InDesign at print quality. I need more contributions in form of photos of high res for it and i have people who wants to be involved and I need to know how to protect my rights when it becomes a collaboration for example. Have a look at it, is it something you would be interested in publishing. I bought the book Stay up! Los Angeles Street Art and I love it. I intend to make this look a bit more interesting too. This is just the first draft. Thank you so much for your answer. Madeleine Person
    Here it is:

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