Cameron Kids

Since the beginning, and now more than ever, we approach our role as a children’s book publisher seriously—and playfully. We know how important it is for children to grow up reading, to experience other worlds, to cultivate compassion and empathy for others. If children are raised as readers, they are given the tools to interpret and imagine a harmonious world, to expand. But we also know that kids don’t enjoy being hit over the head with heavy, obvious messages. Who does?

Following the Cameron tenet of publishing books that need to be books – FOR KIDS, has been a thrilling and rewarding journey for our team. Whether it be a picture book biography or a board book about trucks, we choose stories that need to be told, and told well. Our hope is that when given the chance to visit some other world in the pages of our books, children will glean wisdom, compassion and empathy. The dance between words and art in a picture book, executed with thoughtful design, has the power to not only entertain a child, but engage them in a way no other medium can. Books can expose kids to beauty they may have otherwise missed in our fast paced world. Even among the youngest of us, beauty is a great and underrated tool for cultivating change and inspiration.

Though we had published children’s books previously, last year marked the launch of our Cameron Kids imprint. What started out as a two-books-per-season endeavor has grown steadily, with our Spring 2018 season featuring four children’s books. The projects just keep coming in!

Lucky for us, and much to our delight, there has been a resurgence in children’s literature as of late, with a call for books that not only entertain, but inspire. And as we mentioned in a past post, “The Beauty of Books,” there has also been a call for books that are made with real attention to detail and care. We couldn’t be happier about this development, and we will continue to do what we’ve always done: make books that we love. We hope you love them, too.

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Cameron Kids, the children’s book imprint of CAMERON + COMPANY, publishes kids’ books for all ages. We have a small and growing list of thoughtfully curated, acquired, and produced titles. With an emphasis on beauty, simplicity, and story, we are carrying on the Cameron tradition of books that need to be books—for kids!

If you feel the same about kid lit as we do or if you have a potential project to share with us, please drop us a line at