Giving Thanks

It’s the time of the year that begs the question:  What are we thankful for? These uncertain times also beg a question, one that is equally important:  What are we certain of? Granted, life is uncertain. But what we celebrate this season are the constants in life, constants that bring us home and give us solace.

For us here at Cameron + Company, the power of language and art are certainties. As are the strength of community and the importance of nurturing open minds, creating mirrors for children, fostering curiosity and compassion. How do we do this? By caring for one another, listening, inviting, collaborating, loving. And by making books to inspire and cultivate change.

Books give us insight into worlds we are unfamiliar with. Books act as bridges, windows, mirrors. Books take us on grand adventures we could have never dreamed of. Reading, often considered a solitary endeavor, can also be a universal pursuit, an act of connecting with others. After we read or while we read, we can have conversations with others about the words on the page. Whether we agree or not doesn’t really matter. What is important is that we are communicating with one another.

We are thankful for this communication, for our community. Not only our close community and families, but also our greater community. Our community of book lovers, readers, writers—all beings. Our engaged and inquisitive friends and neighbors, not just down the street but out in the world.

Speaking (and listening) to one another, reading, forging connections, these are actions that can enrich our souls, our lives. These are actions we are grateful for in times of uncertainty and fear. When we engage in this way, we create bonds that can span the globe. When we actively seek to understand others, we understand ourselves with more clarity. When we understand ourselves, we can give with more compassion, love, and empathy.

We are grateful for the opportunity to forge these connections. We are happy to reach out and offer what is meaningful to us by making books that need to be books. We hope that you have the opportunity to offer or partake in what is meaningful to you, with empathy and love. Happy Thanksgiving.