New Digs

As you may have heard, we’ve moved! We are still in Petaluma, the city we love, but we outgrew our old office with new additions to our team and needed to find space elsewhere (a good problem to have). I’d like to think our new additions have transitioned well into our business as if not, we’d have to go about choosing an HR company that has relevant software that we can use to ensure that our business runs smoothly in this area. Hopefully, the fact that we’re moving space should help us with this in the future. We spent quite some time looking for new office space that suited our needs. After considering a lot of factors like space, location and even management letting rights, we managed to find somewhere that ticked all the boxes. It certainly wasn’t easy finding new digs and we also had to bring in expert opinions from professionals. If your business is also going through this transition, we can recommend some pretty useful resources and people. Click here to see an excellent resource on management letting rights, directly from specialists in the field. We got really confused with what management letting rights were as we’d never had to consider them before but when looking at some new locations, it was something that kept cropping up. Without some professional help, I don’t think we would have ever understood! There is a lot to think about when it comes to moving. Obviously, there is the job of moving all your furniture and everything from within the old office, but then there is setting up new suppliers for electricity, gas, water, internet etc. It is a lengthy process. There are things that can help though – if you are moving to Texas, for instance, this comparison of texas energy rates will come in handy. Take time to find the resources out there because it will save you time and effort in the long run!

We moved from a cosy spot, right near the Petaluma River, to a grand ballroom just a few blocks away. We’re a bit further from Acre, our favorite coffee shop, than we would like, but we have a new neighbor that we couldn’t be more excited about: Copperfield’s Books. Our local independent bookshop is now right across the street from us! We had a wonderful book launch there last Saturday for Giants in-game reporter (and Petaluma native) Amy G and love being so close to our friends there.

The Copperfields Gang, Amy G, and a couple of us Cameron folk. From left to right: Clare O’Neill, Grace Bogart, Patty Norman (all Copperfield’s booksellers), Amy G, Amber Reed (bookseller), Emma Kallok (marketing & publicity manager), and Chris Gruener (publisher)

We also love a building with some history, which the city of Petaluma has plenty of. Our fair town is one of the few places in Northern California that still has original structures standing after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. We used to work out of the Great Petaluma Mill, which is one of the oldest buildings in town, and now we’ve set up shop in the Old Petaluma Opera House.

The Old Petaluma Opera House, aka our new digs!

Also known as the Maclay Building, the Old Petaluma Opera House was built in 1870 as a theater, lecture hall, and dance hall, and in 1901, it was remodeled and converted into office and retail space. To give you an idea of the scope of our office, before we moved in, it was home to a martial arts studio, and forty years ago, it was a gymnastics studio. The creative history, the natural light that comes through the beautiful windows, not to mention the high ceilings decorated with stained-glass skylights, inspire us to dream big.

Amy Wheless, one of our designers, testing out the space

To fill this grand space, we had our desks and project table custom-built by our friends at Heritage Salvage, a local salvage yard. In case you haven’t heard the amazing story behind Heritage Salvage and its creator, Michael “Bug” Deakin, you can check out our blog about him and his business here. (Our project table might also double as a ping pong table on Friday afternoons.) We also have a cozy Cameron Kids reading nook, a conference room that doubles as our yoga studio, and a kitchen.

Our Cameron Kids team and one of our authors, Elisa Parhad, going over kid-lit art at the custom Heritage Salvage project table
Friday afternoon ping pong
The Cameron Kids reading nook
Using our conference room to prep for Amy G’s book launch presentation

We couldn’t be more thrilled with our new space, with our growing team, and where we are headed. To follow along on our adventures, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter here, or check out our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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