Beautiful Day!
Poems for All Seasons


A child observes their world—spring to summer, autumn through winter—in simple, poetic verse.

A gentle ode to the seasons finds form in haiku-inspired poems accompanied by exquisite illustrations. The attention required to create a succinct poem offers a lovely illustration of the beauty that can be observed when one pays attention in nature.

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Author's Bio

Rodoula Pappa is a writer and translator of children’s books. Her first book, The Boy with the Tree, was awarded the Greek National Prize for Children’s Literature. She is cofounder of the Volatilium and Tsalapeteinos children’s book imprints.

Seng Soun Ratanavanh is a French illustrator and painter. She graduated from the National School of Fine Arts (ENSBA, Paris), and she regularly exhibits her paintings and drawings in France and abroad.

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Written By

Rodoula Pappa

Illustrations By

Seng Soun Ratanavanh

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8.5 x 11




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Poems for All Seasons”

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