Eat Your Peas, Julius!
Even Caesar Must Clean His Plate


Available August 2022

In a rhyming romp through dinner, the future leader of the Roman Republic learns to eat a balanced meal and finish everything on his plate

It’s time for little Julius, who will grow up to become the most powerful person in the Roman Republic, to put on his toga, attend the dinner banquet, and eat his fowl, boiled camel’s feet, baked dormouse, and peas! It’s tough finishing everything on one’s plate every night—for kids and future Caesars alike.

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Author's Bio

Shirin Yim Bridges is the author of the award-winning Ruby’s Wish as well as Get Up, Elizabeth! and Go to Bed, Ted!, both published by Cameron Kids. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fiona Lee is an illustrator who lives and works on her family’s farm in Vermont.

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Written By

Shirin Yim Bridges

Illustrations By

Fiona Lee

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Even Caesar Must Clean His Plate”

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