Little Mermaid
(Or, How to Find Love Underwater)


A blackout poetry version of the classic fairy tale “The Little Mermaid,” offering a new, spare, and lovely tale of empowerment, body acceptance, and knowing where you belong.

You know the story of the Little Mermaid—the girl who traded her tail for legs, her beloved sea for sand, to land the prince. Or do you? In this refreshingly subversive blackout poetry version of the classic fairy tale, a new and empowering message emerges from the depths: our girl pines for land and that prince, but this daughter of water discovers she loves the sea and her body—mermaid tail and all—more.

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Author's Bio

J. M. Farkas is a poet, erasurist, former high school English teacher, dental school dropout, freshman composition instructor, epic high-five-r, Scrabble enthusiast, never-lost-a-hula-hoop-contest-ist, and YA novelist. Her other blackout poetry books include Be Brave and How to Be a Poet. She lives in New York.

Gina Triplett is a fine artist and illustrator whose work has graced everything from murals to National Book Award–winning novelists’ books, Converse sneakers, Whole Foods–brand staples, and pandemic soup cans. This is her first book for Cameron Kids. She lives and works in Philadelphia.

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Written By

J. M. Farkas

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Gina Triplett

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(Or, How to Find Love Underwater)”

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