Once Upon a Faraway Land


Available September 2022

In her debut as author and illustrator, Mirelle Ortega shares her own story of growing up on her family’s pineapple farm in Mexico, where she learned the true meaning of magic

I learned that magic isn’t good or bad, it just is. Sometimes it gives, sometimes it takes. Sometimes life blossoms, sometimes it wilts.

Growing up on a pineapple farm in Mexico, a girl discovers the true meaning of the word magic in this truly magical picture book about change and transformation of all kinds—what we can’t control, such as natural disasters and loss, and what we can. Magic can transform dirt into pineapples, seeds into trees, wool into blankets, words into stories, blank pages into pictures—a story into a picture book.

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Mirelle Ortega is a storyteller and illustrator inspired by magical realism, classic film, and animation, as well as Latin American cultures. She was born and raised near her family’s pineapple farm in Veracruz, Mexico, and now lives in Los Angeles. Magic is her author/illustrator debut.

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Mirelle Ortega

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Mirelle Ortega

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Once Upon a Faraway Land”

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