Steampunk Alphabet


Every family needs an alphabet book. That’s a given. But until now there has not yet been a compelling Steampunk-themed ABC book. Nat Iwata has been doing steampunk art for several years in the video game industry, and now he has illustrated a visually compelling, fun-for-all-ages Steampunk Alphabet book that is approachable both to fans and those unfamiliar with Steampunk. In light of that, while all of the illustrations are total Steampunk, the opening ‘letter sentence’ for each page is a familiar word. For example “A is for Apple.” The idea of taking everyday ordinary things and reimagining them as Steampunk is sure to be a crowd pleaser, and especially appeal to all of the hipster parents. The second part of each page is a description of the object as set in the Steampunk world. This portion will be more enjoyable to older kids and adults to enjoy, while the book could be read entirely with just the ‘letter sentences’ for younger readers.

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Author's Bio

Nat Iwata is a video game artist who lives with his wife and three boys in Vancouver, WA.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 in
Written By

Nathanael Iwata

Illustrations By

Nathanael Iwata

Published On

May 14, 2013

Number of Pages

Hardcover, 56


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