The Birthday of the World
A Story About Finding Light in Everyone and Everything


Available September 2022

From the New York Times bestselling author of Kitchen Table Wisdom, a modern retelling of a timeless story about healing the world by finding light in everyone and everything.

In the beginning, there was only darkness, and then a great ray of light ended the darkness and the world was born—the world of a thousand thousand things. It was filled with light. Then something unexpected happened, and the light of the world broke into millions of sparks of light. These sparks fell everywhere. They fell into everyone and everything. This is why you were born and I was born, and why everyone was born—to find the light and change the world. From a beloved author, The Birthday of the World is a beautiful retelling of a timeless story about finding light in the darkness, one spark at a time.

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Author's Bio

Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen is a pediatrician and professor of family and community medicine, as well as the author of the internationally bestselling and beloved book, Kitchen Table Wisdom.

Rachell Sumpter is a fine artist and illustrator. Her books include Down Under the Pier and Keeper of Light: Juliet Fish Nichols Fights the San Francisco Fog, both published by Cameron Kids. She lives with her family in Washington.

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Written By

Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen

Illustrations By

Rachell Sumpter

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A Story About Finding Light in Everyone and Everything”

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