The Domain of Beauty

“Beauty is at the heart of all things sacred and revered.”

– Lawrence Stoller


On Tuesday, March 14, we are releasing a book that warrants a whole new genre of its own. Much like the work depicted within, Primal Beauty: The Sculptural Artistry of CrystalWorks, by Lawrence Stoller, defies categorization. Yes, the book could be described as a monograph on the artist, but it is also much more. The pieces Stoller creates transcend medium and reach far below the surface. His sculptures, made from crystals weighing up into the tons, are without question masterpieces, but there is more to these megagems than their sculptural form.

As Stoller says, “Beauty’s ancient and vast world is far grander than my imagination, a wilderness I can travel forever in search of that which is more real.” As he carves into the ancient crystal’s surface to reveal what lies beneath—sometimes taking years—he simultaneously carves at the structure of existence, exploring the mysteries that dwell within.

For crystals are more than things of mere beauty. From Stoller’s book, we learn that “Crystals grow with a sophisticated lattice that bears the DNA of a divine intelligence that transcends time.” Crystals contain multitudes, harboring an ancient wisdom: the mystery of where we came from.

Divided into four sections – Water, Earth, & Sky; Wisdom; Physics & Metaphysics; and Aesthetics – Primal Beauty delves beyond the outward beauty of the crystals Stoller sculpts.  Accompanying each piece is a selected quote that, according to Stoller, “embeds the images further into our imagination. The synergy of the pictures and the words forms a passageway into the domain of Beauty that can touch one’s core being.”

Reading Primal Beauty is a multifaceted experience, as the book is both a thing of beauty and a meditation on what it means to be an artist, a human being, to live on this mysterious and miraculous earth. Stoller explores the magic and the mystery in the everyday and finds beauty beyond the surface.

Lawrence Stoller is an internationally recognized, award-winning artist who has pioneered the art of sculpting spectacular megagems. His work has been featured in galleries in the United States and abroad. Lawrence and his wife, Sunni, live in Bend, Oregon. To find out more, click here.

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