Stay Curious: The Launch Party for Henry’s Bright Idea

“Deep in the shade of a walnut grove stands a tall treehouse. A delightful group of friends gathers here. They call themselves the Walnut Animal Society. Their mission is to create and to always remain curious.”   — Henry’s Bright Idea


On Saturday, September 24, there was a party in Venice, California. It was the book launch party for Henry’s Bright Idea, a Walnut Animal Society book, written by Lauren Bradshaw and illustrated by Wednesday Kirwan. The party began at 11am at Urbanic Paper Boutique, located on Abbot Kinney Road, where the shop is celebrating their ten-year anniversary in the eclectic neighborhood.


In celebration of a whimsical tale rendered in a beautiful vintage palette, the party was a resounding success. The author read Henry’s Bright Idea to the children who were gathered, while the illustrator hand-painted books for lucky attendees.

Lauren Bradshaw
Wednesday Kirwan

Henry’s Bright Idea is a children’s book, but the story is for everyone. First in the Walnut Animal Society series, the story speaks to the child who resides within all of us. The part of us that maintains a wide-eyed wonder in and for the world.


Henry and his friends have a mission, a mission “to create and to always remain curious.” This mission serves as a reminder to older folks as well. A reminder to create, to explore, to follow our ideas, to seek. To stay curious, to be open. When we are curious, when we create, we grow. When we grow, so does the world.


“Walnut Animal Society believes that encouraging curiosity in children will help them thoughtfully consider their world, to seek answers, and create empathy through understanding. And ultimately, that this will lead to what we value most of all: love and compassion for those around you.” –

Kids couldn’t wait to get home and start reading.



(All photos courtesy of The Great Romance)